Real Triumph

My Motorcycle Maintenance, Meanderings and Memories.

I hope to build up useful accounts, hints, tips and sources on the repair and maintenance of pre-war Triumph motorcycles as well as stories about army dispatch riders: a mixture of  notes and nostalgia.  It will take time to populate this site, so please be patient, and look in from time to time or ‘follow’ to get updates.

I plan to share accounts of my experiences refurbishing and riding old motorcycles and to share stories I have written or collected about British Army motorcycle dispatch riders in wartime. I hope you will find, and contribute to, useful and accurate information, techniques and sources.

There are some excellent publications available to help old bike owners but many details can be hard to find and there is a lot of misleading information in books and on the internet. Some books borrow from others and perpetuate incorrect or shallow thinking and the internet is a mine of irrelevant and incorrect data and instructions often masking a few invaluable gems. I borrow from others, of course, but I check for credibility and use my own experience where possible.

Even in the great world-wide-web, it is hard to find information about pre-war Triumph singles, the motorcycles I have become interested in. This interest has been gradually coming on since my wife drew me into family history and old age activated my nostalgia gene. My curiosity about these bikes is linked with an admiration for dispatch riders. The reasons for this will be revealed.

I shouldn’t go further without acknowledging VMCC Triumph Marque Specialist for 1920 to 1933 Triumphs, Peter Cornelius.  His Pre-1941 Motorcycle Pages are the definitive source for these machines and I have been grateful for his help in understanding my Triumph NSD.

I was Always a Biker, I suppose, on and off but I acquired first triumph, a 1928 Model NSD, only a couple of years ago.  This link will lead you to the technical story of My First Triumph.

You can follow a story and use links to follow a story or navigate from the menu to jump to dispatches that might interest you.

Comments and postings on the core topic, Real Triumphs that provide followers with useful information or help in the sourcing of parts are welcome. I will gratefully receive any input that corrects errors, but I will moderate casual or unhelpful input.

Similarly, I hope you will find stories about Dispatch Riders and The War Effort interesting and, again, comments and contributions are welcome.

You come across some good people in the course of playing with an old bikes.  I have listed some suppliers you might find good to deal with on my Suppliers page and some links to well managed websites with a lot of useful information on my Sources page.