ojandclo overview

This is the story of an ordinary but resourceful family, told against a backdrop of the social and political events of the 20th century.
Poignant, humorous and informative, this book takes you through a century that saw more change and social progress than any previous time, despite war, corrupt institutions and class barriers.
It will appeal to those who remember the Baby Boomer years, to business travellers and to a current digital generation who have not experienced life without “technology” and entertainment on a plate.
Orange Juice and Cod Liver Oil recalls the turmoil of the first half of the century and how a returning Tommy with his family survived on temporary jobs and lived in makeshift accommodation, including a mobile morgue.
After a poor but idyllic childhood in the New Forest early lessons on the social order were drawn from teenage years passed as poacher, apprentice, motorcyclist and rower.
Nourished and educated by the Welfare State the author eventually progressed to have a successful career in a multinational company.
Business travel provided the opportunity to observe social conditions and attitudes of people around the world.
Orange Juice and Cod Liver Oil is an optimistic review of the evolution of society in the last century that will help the reader to put the history we are living into perspective – a different perspective from ‘official’ histories.

From Amazon, internet book sellers and bookshops
Hardback £15:99 ISBN: 978-1-905399-73-4
Paperback £8:99 ISBN: 978-1-905399-72-7
Kindle version £3.60 from Amazon


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